Ted Bergstrom

MN Real Estate Team



Finding A Loan Officer

Thinking about the mortgage process can be scary. It seems so complicated, with so many offers to choose from. So where do you start? With your REALTOR®!

Your REALTOR® is a professional who has established strong relationships with reputable mortgage companies as a result of years in the business. Your REALTOR® is a knowledgeable resource working on your side. You can trust your REALTOR® to recommend a good mortgage company because you share the same goal - a smooth and successful closing! Your REALTOR® has guided many past clients through financial transactions. Why not let your REALTOR® help you by providing the name of a mortgage company who has your best interests in mind?

There's no reason to waste your time calling toll-free numbers, or surfing the Internet to wade through the ever-changing "teaser" interest rates when your REALTOR® knows a solid, competitive company. It saves time and gives you peace of mind.

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